Interactive Map: Soil Lead Levels Near Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris

Map to accompany "Lead Fallout From Notre Dame Fire Was Likely Overlooked." Read More

Circles indicate where discrete soil samples were collected and are colored according to their lead content in milligrams per kilogram of soil (mg/kg, also referred to as parts per million or ppm). Hovering over a circle displays a photo of the sampling site marked by a paper bag along with the sample ID, measured lead concentration, date of collection, sample type, and GPS coordinates.

Clicking on ‘Predicted Values’ displays a layer of colored tiles that show the continous distribution of lead modeled from the data. Hovering over a tile displays the modeled mean lead concentration across that area as well as the 10% and 90% quantile to represent the range of possibilities. The model predicts that 1 in 10 actual measurements of lead concentrations in that tile would fall below the 10% quantile value, and that 1 in 10 would surpass the 90% quantile value. The uncertainty represented by the range of lead concentrations between the 10 and 90% quantile varies considerably across the area and generally decreases with the density of samples.

Full research article: "Fallout of Lead over Paris from the 2019 Notre‚ÄźDame Cathedral Fire" by Alexander van Geen, Yuling Yao, Tyler Ellis and Andrew Gelman. Map: Jeremy Hinsdale.

Usage: Hover over map features for location information; mouse wheel to zoom, drag/drop to move.

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