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How Green Are Your Imports? This Index Provides an Answer

Many “green” countries depend on imports from more polluting countries. A new index takes this into account and could shake up rankings on global environmental report cards.

by |February 7, 2018

For Tomorrow’s Leaders, a Tool Box for a Complex World

How are the global leaders of tomorrow going to secure renewable sources of energy, solve the problems of water scarcity, and maintain our standard of living – all while improving health, ending poverty, and accommodating a growing population and changing environment? The World Economic Forum, with its commitment to “improving the state of the world,” realizes that future global leaders cannot address these complex challenges without a sound understanding of environmental science and policy, and came to Columbia University to gain these important tools. From July 15-20, 2012, The Earth Institute, the School of the Arts, the School of Continuing Education, and the Mailman School of Public Health welcomed the Global Leadership Fellows from the World Economic Forum.

by |July 27, 2012

No reason to care about water

Don’t get upset–it is merely an instance of irony. Irony works in getting people’s attention and emphasizing the real meaning behind it. The video is more for the general public who are not familiar with water issues, but it can also be motivating to professionals and people who are active concerning water issues. The message… read more

by |June 11, 2009