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New Seminar Focuses on Links Between Environment, Conflict and Security

The Earth Institute is launching a new interdisciplinary seminar to help business and policy leaders better understand the connections between environmental stresses, natural resources and conflicts.

by |June 9, 2014

Who owns the Nile?

Who owns the Nile?

Nine countries want to have a say in answering that question, and they don’t agree. The great river moves through Burundi, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, so they all may claim her as at least partly their own.

by |June 29, 2010

The Economist: Special Report on Water, a primer for the water crisis

The Economist has released a Special Report on Water, dated May 22nd, 2010, written by John Grimond. The 18 page report contains 9 short but substantial articles giving an overview of global water issues.

by |May 21, 2010

A Truce in the California Water Wars

Nationally, the California Water Wars have been something people have been following for months.  As discussed by Water Center expert Tanya Heikkila in her September blog post “California’s other crisis,”  the state’s reservoirs had been significantly depleted and fights had been breaking out all over the state about who deserved water the most – farmers,… read more

by |March 1, 2010

“The Truth About Water Wars”

We’ve all heard about the horrors of the genocide in Darfur, followed Nicholas Kristof’s evangelical Op-Eds, and seen the benefit concerts to raise money towards the cause. Perhaps some know too of the ethnic differences tinting much of the clash, know the history of relations between the Sudanese government and the Sudan Liberation Movement/Army.  But few… read more

by |May 18, 2009

Water Wars in Ethiopia

For centuries tribal people in the Omo River Valley of Ethiopia have been content to live according the flood cycle of the river.  In recent years, a certain development has caused much blood to be spilled over territorial claims on the river.  Automatic weapons are now in the hands of almost every male in the… read more

by |March 30, 2009