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two men installing solar panels

COVID Economic Recovery: What Might a Green Stimulus Look Like?

The current crisis has given us a once-in-a-generation opportunity to tackle two monumental challenges at the same time.

by Eric Scheuch |September 25, 2020

How We Will Turn It Around: Rebounding From America’s 2020 Nightmare

The pandemic and the western fires are examples of a catastrophic failure by America’s government to protect the public.

by |September 14, 2020
grocery store with no single-use plastics

Don’t Let the Plastics Industry Exploit Coronavirus to Roll Back Progress

A student urges that we stand up to corporate deceit, reinstate plastic-bag bans, and encourage businesses to allow reusables again while adhering to safety protocols.

by Arissa Lahr |September 4, 2020
fin whale

Where the Great Whales Seek Sanctuary

A student’s whale encounter inspires marvel, regret at our bloody history with these endangered giants, and the desire to do better at protecting them.

by Cayte Bosler |September 2, 2020

The Mayor’s Shameful Mismanagement of New York City’s Parks

For a mayor who talks about equity and income inequality, he should remember that parks are one of the few services we already have that provide a measure of equality, access and opportunity for all. They should be treasured rather than trashed.

by |August 31, 2020
people walking through flooded street

Our Focus Has to Be on the Victims of Hurricane Laura

Atmospheric scientist Adam Sobel writes that yes, Hurricane Laura is about climate change, but first it’s about people.

by |August 28, 2020
che flowers portrait

Yes, You Do Know Someone Who Has Been Harmed by Systemic Racism

A Black student shares some of his negative interactions with the police, and explains why “silence equals death” is not an exaggeration.

by Che Flowers |August 26, 2020

Climate Change and the American Political Agenda

We’ve managed to avoid the topic for decades, but the force of public opinion is finally ending the era of American national climate nondecision-making.

by |August 24, 2020
man walking through a forest

This ‘Green’ Space Shouldn’t Be So White

There are steps individuals can take to support more diversity in the environmental sciences.

by Victoria Bortfeld |August 21, 2020
chart showing co2 emissions

Kamala Harris’ Plan For International Climate Cooperation Could Smooth the Transition From Fossil Fuels

A coalition of leading governments would help secure an equitable, efficient, and just transition to the energy sources of the future.

by Aimee Barnes |August 20, 2020