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5 Questions: Richard Plunz on Crowdsourcing Urban Design with Twitter

A project from the Urban Design Lab combines mapping techniques with Twitter-usage data to gain a real-time understanding of how people occupy public space.

by |March 19, 2019
SOP 2012 students social media

Socially Speaking, the State of the Planet

If you wanted to get a sense of the State of the Planet, you didn’t need to be at the Columbia University conference on Oct. 11. You just needed to follow #SOP2012. Six hundred people gathered at the event to think about the future of sustainable development, while 476 people sent 1,300 tweets, making about 6.2 million impressions through Twitter. And one thread running through the event was that social media is an important way to draw attention to sustainable development issues on an international platform and in a comprehensible way.

by |October 31, 2012

A Cup of Joe for #1000

IRI is offering a token of thanks for helping us reach a Twitter milestone. Care to help us get there?

by |February 2, 2012

For the Birds

At the center of the CSSR’s mission is a desire to inspire discussion, be it through lectures, seminars, or interpersonal conversations. Therefore we talk, we write, we blog, and now we even tweet. No, we do not claim to have mastered the science of ornithology, but we have created a Twitter account, and hope that… read more

by |August 4, 2010