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How You Can Help Earth Cope with 7 Billion

Earth’s population has more than doubled in the last 50 years to 7 billion. The numbers represent big challenges—feeding and providing for additional people on a planet already stressed by environmental damage and climate change. What can ordinary individuals do?

by |October 31, 2011
Dhaka, Bangladesh, urbanization

7 Billion on 10/31: The Numbers Can Be Scary

You can now watch the tape of “The World at 7 Billion: Sustaining Our Future,” the Earth Institute’s panel discussion held at Columbia Oct. 17 and featuring the presentation by Professor Joel E. Cohen on the “good and bad news” behind the growing world population.

by |October 24, 2011
Children wait in line for medical care

8 Ways to Look at 7 Billion

Interested in learning more about the world’s population? Here are some recent articles about the history, context and implications of 7 billion people living on earth.

by |October 14, 2011
Young boy drinking at camp for displaced persons in Afghanistan

The 7 Billion Challenge

The rapid rise in the world’s population to 7 billion — from 6 billion a dozen years ago — poses enormous challenges. In this video, Earth Institute Director Jeffrey D. Sachs talks about the stresses our population already puts on the planet, and the mission of the institute to promote sustainable development.

by |October 12, 2011

Join a Conversation About 7 Billion People

The world’s population will reach 7 billion this year, and the UN estimates continued growth, primarily in less-developed regions. What will this steep population growth mean for our environmental, economic and social systems? Join the conversation on Oct. 17.

by |October 11, 2011