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Student Profile: Mame Baba Cisse

Mame Baba Cisse was inspired by one of the Intergovernental Panel on Climate Change’s predictions about global temperature increases to learn more about how such assessments are created and how they can be made more effective. This led him to enroll in the Master of Public Administration in Environmental Science and Policy (M.P.A. E.S.P.) program… read more

by |January 15, 2014

Student Profile: Josh Browne

As a NASCAR racecar-engineer and crew-chief Josh Browne’s work clothes included fire-retardant suits and a two-way radio headset. Today, a decade after he started with NASCAR, Josh is a student in the 12-month Master of Arts Program in Climate and Society (C and S) and dresses accordingly. Despite his fascination with racecars, Josh was an… read more

by |January 15, 2014

Student Profile: Emily Soergel

After working with communities in developing areas to reduce, reuse and recycle, Emily Soergel is witness to the power of collective community engagement in promoting the creation of effective strategies to cope with environmental challenges. A member of the Master of Public Administration in Environmental Science and Policy (M.P.A. E.S.P.) Class of 2010, Soergel’s work… read more

by |January 14, 2014

Student Profile: Bonita Treinen

During a seven-year career in international education—on a path that took her from Poland to Thailand to Spain and on to China before eventually returning to the United States—Bonita Treinen, a native of rural Minnesota and Wisconsin, took time off in every country where she worked to travel to rural areas and observe the challenges… read more

by |January 14, 2014

Student Profile: Joseph Raser

Joseph Raser GS’11 knows that dreams can take you in unpredictable directions. Before he discovered his passion for sustainable development, Raser served in the United States Army as a non-commissioned airborne forward officer stationed in Italy. In 2008, he was sent to Siuna, Nicaragua, on a medical and economic mission. This experience, which was followed… read more

by |January 13, 2014

Student Profile: Davida Heller

Before starting her M.S. in Sustainability Management, Davida Heller had been advised not to chase her dream. When becoming an environmental lawyer for Greenpeace was derided as being a low paying profession with few prospects, Davida followed her family’s advice and moved from Long Island to Los Angeles to follow her other passion, the film… read more

by |January 13, 2014

Student Profile: Denise Lee

Denise Lee has long had a passion for pursuing equitable and sustainable development and contributing to the creation of a global system that apportions value to social and environmental capital alongside economic capital. Denise’s values and goals have led her on a unique academic and career path that has included research and development work in… read more

by |January 12, 2014

Student Profile: Cheryl Wilson

Australian peat sediment helped Cheryl Wilson hone her career goals. A current student in the Master of Public Administration in Environmental Science and Policy (M.P.A. E.S.P.) program at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs, she has possessed a passion for environmental science and current policy issues throughout her academic career. She was introduced… read more

by |January 11, 2014

Student Profile: Victoria Diaz Bonilla

This summer, Victoria Diaz-Bonilla has continued her work helping local communities in Northern Manhattan negotiate the complex realms of climate change, energy and transportation policy. A Columbia College junior, Victoria undertook an internship with the Climate Change Adaptation Initiative. The Climate Change Adaptation Initiative of the Earth Institute has helped open dialogue between city agencies,… read more

by |January 10, 2014

Student Profile: Debra Tillinger

Debra Tillinger is a fifth year doctoral candidate in the Ph.D. program in earth and environmental science, which aims to train broadly educated earth scientists for careers in academia, research, government and industry. A specialization in physical oceanography has allowed her to work among experts at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory in a field that focuses… read more

by |January 9, 2014