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What’s in Our Waste Bins?

Sustainability Management student Asami Tanimoto dug through the university’s trash to discover what we’re throwing out, and how we can do better.

by |November 5, 2018

Student Profile: Denis Tan

For Denis Tan, the MPA in Environmental Science and Policy program has exposed him to a wide variety of real world sustainability issues while training him to be a better team member and manager. Denis hopes to bring his newly acquired training back to his native Singapore to effect change through the creation and development of government policy.

by |November 10, 2014

Student Profile: Erin Stahmer

During my time at Columbia, the Undergraduate Program in Sustainable Development has challenged me to take courses that have sharpened my philosophical, mathematical, and scientific modes of thinking. I have learned to organize and manipulate large databases using spatial mapping software, and have developed quantitative methods to analyze data in the context of international development…. read more

by |January 22, 2014

Student Profile: Richard Sun

The Undergraduate Program in Sustainable Development has given me the opportunity to connect a broad range of subjects, from environmental science to urban economics, and to learn about the fundamentals of environmental valuation. Using skills gained in the program, I researched the impact that energy efficiency technology and policy will have on the US Electricity… read more

by |January 21, 2014

Student Profile: Tal Lee Anderman

Through the Undergraduate Program in Sustainable Development, I have been able to study what intrigues me most: the nexus between environmental conservation and poverty alleviation. I believe this bridge forms a key connection necessary to help both people and the planet. The Senior Seminar Thesis Workshop allowed me to dip into the true value of… read more

by |January 20, 2014

Student Profile: Diana Sierra

Diana Sierra believes in opportunity.  Sierra, a student in the Master of Science in Sustainability Management program, believes that having access to opportunities can make a big difference in someone’s life.  Sierra is an industrial designer with more than seven years of experience and is a summer intern working with the Millennium Villages Project in… read more

by |January 19, 2014

Student Profile: Joshua Rosenfield

The Master of Science in Sustainability Management program at Columbia University enrolls exceptional future sustainability managers, one of whom is Joshua Rosenfield. When a fellow skier in the Rocky Mountains recommended a series of books on sustainability, the concept piqued Joshua’s interest and led him to seek out a job at Social Venture Network, a… read more

by |January 18, 2014

Student Profile: Jesse Hollister

Jesse Hollister, a political science major at the School of General Studies at Columbia University, spent part of the summer of 2010 in Punta Cana, the Dominican Republic, participating in the Summer Ecosystem Experiences for Undergraduates (SEE-U), a summer study program offered by the Center for Environmental Research and Conservation (CERC) at the Earth Institute,… read more

by |January 17, 2014

Student Profile: Joe Katz

Joe Katz is a student who knows where he is heading. When he finishes his studies in the intensive 12-month interdisciplinary Master of Public Administration in Environmental Science and Policy program (M.P.A. E.S.P.), which is jointly administered by the Earth Institute and the School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA), he plans to return to… read more

by |January 16, 2014

Student Profile: Carlos Calvo Ambel

Despite a wealth of professional experience in the environmental field, Carlos Calvo Ambel was sent by the government of Andalusia in Spain, through a program called “Talentia,” to join the Master of Public Administration in Environmental Science and Policy Class of 2011. Carlos chose Columbia University and the program in Environmental Science and Policy run… read more

by |January 16, 2014