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Glaciologist Benjamin Keisling on Diversity, Inclusion, and Objectivity in the Geosciences

He’s working to make the geosciences an area where everyone can thrive.

by Ben Ramcharitar |October 14, 2020
ismini etheridge

Staff Spotlight: Ismini Ethridge, Special Assistant at the Center for Sustainable Development

Growing up in a multicultural family, surrounded by champions of social and environmental justice, helped to set the stage for her work at CSD.

by Judy Jamal |September 28, 2020
Paulina Concha Larrauri standing near a gate

Paulina Concha Larrauri: From Making Detergent to Ensuring Access to Clean Water

At the Columbia Water Center, she has worked to promote equal access to clean water, reduce risks to disadvantaged populations, and protect the environment.

by |September 24, 2020
bruce kahn portrait

An Interview with Bruce Kahn, an Ecologist Who Became an Investment Banker

The Sustainability Management lecturer shares his views on how consumer demand could and should drive sustainability transformations.

by Sarah Hussain |September 16, 2020

Student Spotlight: Eric Scheuch on Interning in the Nuclear Power Industry

A rising senior in the Undergraduate Program in Sustainable Development shares his summer internship experiences and professional growth.

by |August 28, 2020
Jiny Kurian portrait

Staff Spotlight: Jiny Kurian, Human Resources Generalist

When Kurian was younger, adults told her she talked too much. Now she puts her people skills to good use by recruiting new talent to the Earth Institute.

by Judy Jamal |August 25, 2020

Student Spotlight: Two Undergrads Interning to Advance NY State’s Climate Policy

Two students in the Undergraduate Program in Sustainable Development share their summer internship experiences and reflections.

by |August 24, 2020
Diana McCarthy-Bercury portrait

Alumni Spotlight: Diana McCarthy-Bercury Leads Sustainability in Branford, CT

She uses her Sustainability Management degree every day as the town’s sustainability and compliance manager.

by Chandler Precht |August 18, 2020

Student Spotlight: Two Leadership Award Winners Reflect on Their College Careers

Two award-winning graduating students share their experiences in the Undergraduate Program in Sustainable Development and plans for the future.

by Minji Ko |August 14, 2020

Student Spotlight: Sustainability Grads Explain What They Learned and What’s Next

Interviews with five students who recently received departmental honors for academic excellence in the Undergraduate Program in Sustainable Development.

by Minji Ko |July 31, 2020