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The How and Why of Green Building

Buildings account for almost a third of global greenhouse gas emissions and the U.N. Environment Programme projects that if we continue with business as usual in the building sector, these emissions will double by 2030. Fortunately, green building is on the rise around the world.

by |May 3, 2016

Before Paris, Cause for Optimism

If the international community were to fully understand the threat of climate change, and the likely cost of mitigation and adaptation, perhaps we would commit to continued tax breaks and incentives, and propel the renewable energy transition toward completion. In the long run, I am sure this would be less expensive than coping with the consequences of continued growth in greenhouse gas emissions through 2050.

by |November 18, 2015

Science, Powered by the Sun

Two solar farms will soon power 75 percent of Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, whose high-tech labs are home to some of the world’s leading Earth scientists. The new power sources are expected to cut the campus’s carbon dioxide emissions by half.

by |September 2, 2015

The Race for Better Batteries

The worldwide transition from fossil fuels to renewable sources of energy is under way, but to integrate all this variable power into the grid, battery storage is key. Researchers around the world are working on developing better and cheaper batteries.

by |June 12, 2015

As a Leading Environmental Organization Closes, Its Leader is Upbeat

Lester Brown, the global environmental leader, turned 81 this year and is closing The Earth Policy Institute, the environmental research organization he founded in 2001. His new book “The Great Transition” asserts that the world is shifting from fossil fuels to solar and wind energy.

by |April 22, 2015

The Greening of China

China became the world’s largest carbon polluter in 2006, surpassing the U.S. But it is also rapidly going green through cutting coal use, investing heavily in renewable energy and launching the world’s largest carbon trading system.

by |November 8, 2014

Solar Power Lights Up New Business in Uganda Village

One-hundred twenty light bulbs were switched on in Ruhiira for the first time last year, using the innovative Shared Solar system installed by the Millennium Villages Project (MVP). The impact on villagers’ lives has already been tremendous.

by |February 9, 2012

Osmotic power — prospect of sustainable energy, or water liability?

Today, Statkraft, a company in Norway, opened the world’s first osmotic power plant—a model of a sustainable energy system which uses osmosis to harness the energy of fresh water’s natural movement toward salt water through a membrane. The idea for power generated through the movement of water, due to osmosis through a specially designed membrane,… read more

by |November 24, 2009