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Map showing 8 soil management areas of Ethiopia.

Emerging Use Cases for Digital Soil Nutrient Maps of Ethiopia

By basing efforts to improve soil fertility directly on soil nutrient composition, the Ministry of Ethiopia will be able to identify key problems that are often overlooked, and to customize responses.

screenshot of image of soil nutrient availability throughout Africa

New Understanding of Soil Quality throughout Africa

A new interactive mapping tool lets users visualize a broad range of soil data for the continent of Africa.

Mapping Hot Spots of Lead to Protect Children

A new study in the Bulletin of the World Health Organization shows how hot spots of lead contamination in soil can be pinpointed in order to safeguard children against drastic health effects. Researchers led by geochemist Alexander van Geen of Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, studied soil around two Peruvian mining towns, and found high lead concentrations… read more

by |December 11, 2012

Why Soil Matters

Soil is the source of all life. Yet “we know more about soils of Mars than about soils of Africa,” says Pedro Sanchez, director of the Earth Institute’s Tropical Agriculture and the Rural Environment Program. To remedy this situation, the Earth Institute is taking part in an ambitious undertaking to map the world’s soils.

by |April 12, 2012