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6 Climate Change Solutions We Can All Agree On

These ideas hold merit no matter where you fall on the political spectrum

by |September 11, 2017

Implementing the Lean Smart Grid

As utilities and suppliers begin the modernization of the electric grid in the United States into the “Smart Grid”, there seem to be two schools of thought circulating across the country. There are those looking forward to the change and those dreading the consequences of the change. Those looking forward to the change are anticipating… read more

by |September 13, 2010

The Electric Cities of the Future

We all hate getting caught in urban traffic jams; especially those with semi-trailer trucks everywhere. A Computer Aided Lean Management (CALM) approach to traffic congestion in the cities of the world creates win-win solutions to such complex problems. My favorite is to lower the volume of vehicles on the roads by voluntarily moving people to… read more

by |September 13, 2010

Climate News Roundup – Week of 10/25

Obama Putting $3.4 Bn Toward a ‘Smart’ Power Grid, Associated Press President Obama pledges $3.4 bn in government support for 100 different research projects in “smart” grid engineering, ranging in size from $400,00 to $200 million. Speaking Tuesday at the DeSoto Next Generation Solar Energy Center in west Florida, Obama likened the search for power… read more

by |November 2, 2009

Climate News Roundup – Week of 10/11

Memo Calls for Reversing Law to Phase Out German Nuclear Plants, The New York Times German Chancellor Angela Merkel moves to reverse legislation that gradually phases out nuclear power by 2022. The proposed reversal, contained in a working document sent to Merkel’s political coalition partner, the Free Democrats, calls nuclear power the crucial “bridge” to… read more

by |October 19, 2009