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How We Can Make Ports More Sustainable — And Why it Matters

An index created by a Sustainability Science student quantifies the major environmental impacts of shipping hubs.

by |September 17, 2019

Sustainable Shipping and EPA’s Truck Mileage Standards

The huge vertically integrated companies and large factory complexes of the 20th century have been replaced by the networked organization of the 21st. This enables more specialized and efficient production because the cost of shipping is low enough to be easily covered by the reduced costs of production. Shipping of finished products is also increasing as population and consumption increases.

by |June 1, 2015

Putting Wind in Trade’s Sails

International maritime trade represents a unique example of global cooperation. With the help of a growing number of renewable energy technologies, the global community can work towards progress in this limited area and use it as a model for addressing emissions in other areas of the global economy.

by |February 27, 2012