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Student Explores Energy Resources in Chile

Grant Gutierrez’ passion for energy resources has led him to further explore the relationship between its application, development and consumption. He is hoping that his studies in anthropology and sustainable development will help him reshape the way people think about energy and the resources available. As a recipient of the Undergraduate Sustainable Development Global Fellows Grant lived in Chile over the summer and conducted ethnographic research on energy development in the country.

by |August 18, 2014

Student Profile: Erin Stahmer

During my time at Columbia, the Undergraduate Program in Sustainable Development has challenged me to take courses that have sharpened my philosophical, mathematical, and scientific modes of thinking. I have learned to organize and manipulate large databases using spatial mapping software, and have developed quantitative methods to analyze data in the context of international development…. read more

by |January 22, 2014

Student Profile: Richard Sun

The Undergraduate Program in Sustainable Development has given me the opportunity to connect a broad range of subjects, from environmental science to urban economics, and to learn about the fundamentals of environmental valuation. Using skills gained in the program, I researched the impact that energy efficiency technology and policy will have on the US Electricity… read more

by |January 21, 2014

Student Profile: Tal Lee Anderman

Through the Undergraduate Program in Sustainable Development, I have been able to study what intrigues me most: the nexus between environmental conservation and poverty alleviation. I believe this bridge forms a key connection necessary to help both people and the planet. The Senior Seminar Thesis Workshop allowed me to dip into the true value of… read more

by |January 20, 2014

Student Profile: Victoria Diaz Bonilla

This summer, Victoria Diaz-Bonilla has continued her work helping local communities in Northern Manhattan negotiate the complex realms of climate change, energy and transportation policy. A Columbia College junior, Victoria undertook an internship with the Climate Change Adaptation Initiative. The Climate Change Adaptation Initiative of the Earth Institute has helped open dialogue between city agencies,… read more

by |January 10, 2014

Student Profile: Semee Yoon

It was by chance that Semee Yoon, a Columbia College junior studying economics, ended up working toward the undergraduate special concentration in sustainable development. Her first introduction to the field occurred while working as a translator for the Korean Federation of Environmental Movement. There she acquired exposure to sustainable development firsthand as she translated for… read more

by |January 5, 2014

Student Profile: Hannah Lee

Hannah Lee, a senior in the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS), has shown a powerful passion for sustainability, developing countries and leadership during her three years at Columbia.  Lee’s interest in the environment was sparked at an early age, influencing her decision to apply to Columbia and to pursue environmental studies,… read more

by |January 2, 2014