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How Religion Influences Our Relationship With the Environment

A new study looks at the links between religion and attitudes toward the environment.

by Vegard Skirbekk, Alexander de Sherbinin and Susana Adamo |October 15, 2020
child with measles

A Case Against Vaccine Religious Exemptions

It is time for states to change their laws so that fringe religious objections do not get in the way of protecting the safety of children and people with compromised immune systems.

by |April 10, 2019
hussein rashid

Exploring the Intersection of Faith and Environmental Justice

Theologian Hussein Rashid discusses the challenges and possibilities he sees in environmental justice work today.

Climate Change and Religion

Andrew Revkin’s New York Times blog, Dot Earth, has been raising an interesting question recently: how can religion affect climate change? These two concepts may seem antithetical, one works with beliefs while the other strives to present hard data, but when broken down into parts, it can be seen that they could easily work together…. read more

by |November 16, 2009