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IRI@AGU: Schedule of Events + Q&As

Four scientists and one PhD student from the International Research Institute for Climate and Society are attending the 2013 American Geophysical Union’s Fall Meeting. Below are links to Q&As with each of the presenters and the schedule of their posters and presentations.

by |December 6, 2013

Where’s My Seasonal Tornado Forecast?

Tornadoes, derechos and other violent storms can kill hundreds each year and cause billions in damages. How well can we predict them? How will climate change influence their occurrence? Experts from around the country discussed these issues at a recent workshop.

by |March 29, 2013
May 2012 cover of BAMS

Decadal Prediction: The New Kid On the Block

Research on decadal prediction—what the climate is going to be like a decade or two from now—is still relatively new and experimental. It’s also in high demand by planners and decision makers interested in building dams and other large-scale development projects. In a new paper, IRI’s Lisa Goddard and colleagues discuss how decadal prediction research can best fit with existing efforts on seasonal forecasting and long-term climate change modeling.

by |May 23, 2012

Climate Services: A Regional Perspective

“But we unfortunately are in one of the areas in which climate prediction is very difficult because we’re in the middle of two big oceans, and on the fringe between the interaction of Northern Hemisphere systems and Southern Hemisphere systems.” — Costa Rica’s Patricia Ramirez on the value of shared climate services across Central America for risk assessments in agriculture, health and other sectors.

by |February 14, 2012