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Disasters, and the Traps of Poverty and Wealth

We like to categorize disasters into two types – natural and man-made. 2011 has begun with massive flooding in agricultural regions of Northeast Australia causing shoppers to brace for the inevitable increase in food prices that will soon follow. Just one death so far though and no doubt the rugged Australian farmer will get through… read more

by |January 7, 2011

The Economist: Special Report on Water, a primer for the water crisis

The Economist has released a Special Report on Water, dated May 22nd, 2010, written by John Grimond. The 18 page report contains 9 short but substantial articles giving an overview of global water issues.

by |May 21, 2010

Reflections on Haiti

Earlier this month, I was lucky enough to travel to Haiti to install a weather monitoring station, as well as conduct streamflow measurements and water quality assessments with Water Center employee Lior Asaf.  Traveling to Haiti gave me my first exposure to how water and climate issues are affecting poor and developing countries, as well… read more

by |April 21, 2010

The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and the Principality of Monaco Support Sustainable Development in Mali

NEW YORK, April 11 – The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and the Principality of Monaco have launched a new partnership with the Earth Institute, Columbia University that stands to make important new strides in protecting biodiversity and addressing the urgent needs of the rural poor in Mali.  With a $1.5 million grant, this… read more

by |April 14, 2010

State of the Planet 2010

We all watched the earth move at State of the Planet (SOP) 2010 literally and figuratively. The backdrop on the main stage in New York was a giant rotating earth, spinning from continent to continent as we connected leaders from around the globe who urged action on issues of climate change, poverty, economic recovery and… read more

by |April 5, 2010

SESSION II: POVERTY – How Do We Achieve the Millennium Development Goals?

And we’re back with session II: Poverty – How Do We Achieve the Millennium Development Goals? Update | 11:15 a.m. The conversation begins with a short, but complex question: How are we doing with the MDGs? A panel of experts including HRH Princess Maxima of the Netherlands, Glenn Denning, Professor of Processional Practice, Columbia University, Upmanu… read more

by |March 25, 2010

Bill Gates Visits the Earth Institute

We were thrilled to welcome Bill Gates recently to the Earth Institute for a wide-ranging informational meeting led by director Jeff Sachs. The half-day visit was a lively, frank and open exchange of ideas between Mr. Gates and Earth Institute faculty members debating the challenges and immense opportunities for human development in the areas of… read more

by |February 9, 2010

Making a Difference in Africa

The Earth Institute received a surprise gift of $2.1 million from Sue and Bill Gross to benefit the crucial work of the Millennium Villages project. The gift is the third from financier Gross and his wife Sue, who have given more than $5 million in unrestricted support of the Millennium Villages project, a community-led, holistic… read more

by |January 29, 2010

Water Human Rights: Pollution

In my previous blogs, I have been discussing different ways in which the human right to clean water is violated. I have already discussed how economic scarcity occurs, and this week I will be discussing pollution of water. Pollution issues are largely leading to contamination of the water supplies around the world.  There are countless… read more

by |December 3, 2009

Water Human Rights: Economic Scarcity

In my earlier blog, I began arguing that water is a human right, and that the extreme lack of potable water is a significant human rights violation.  The scale of the human rights violation of the right to drinking water is on an extremely large scale. The largest occurrence of this right being violated is… read more

by |October 29, 2009