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visualization comparing trash in garbage patch vs U.S. co2 emissions in one year

The Ocean Garbage Patch Is Tiny Compared to Our Carbon Footprint

How trash in our oceans can help us conceptualize and reduce our carbon emissions.

by |January 9, 2019

What You Can Do to Fight Plastic Pollution

Plastic pollution can feel overwhelming, but here are some concrete actions we can all take to make a difference.

by |May 11, 2018

Urban Design Lab: Plastic TrashPatch

How much is your trash worth?  Using various visualization instruments, design ideas, engineering, and environmental science research, a team of designers, engineers, and scientists at the Urban Design Lab (UDL) are trying to find out. A new initiative for 2010, Plastic TrashPatch, seeks to raise awareness of ”trashpatches,” thick areas of concentrated marine debris that… read more

by |March 3, 2010