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What Are the Hidden Co-Benefits of Green Infrastructure?

A new study compares how 14 types of green infrastructure contribute to 22 potential benefits for urban communities.

by |September 3, 2019

Natural Parks as a Form of Oppression?

Natural parks are good for people and the environment. However, what if they came at a cost such as taking someone’s land without permission? Would it be worth it?

by |September 11, 2017

Wasteland Transformed into Magnificent Freshkills Park

Odors of putrid garbage and mismanaged waste are being replaced by fragrant grass and flowers at Staten Island’s Freshkills Park, once the world’s biggest landfill.

by |October 5, 2011

Urbanization, Deforestation, Reforestation

2009 was noted as the first year that more people lived in urban spaces than in rural areas.  The hope that a majority urban population would slow the clearing of tropical forests — our most effective carbon sinks — seems, however, to have been misplaced. The idea was simple: if more people moved into forested… read more

by |February 11, 2010