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Birds, Ballasts, and the Fate of the Biosphere

The Biosphere really needs its own newspaper. Yes, there are lots of newspapers out there, but when it comes to the Biosphere, important stories just don’t get the top billing they deserve. Take discoveries of new species, for example. Just in the last month, a new spoon worm, white toothed shrew, corpse flower, and tailorbird were all discovered – this would be front-page material for the Biosphere Times, if such a paper existed, but good luck finding these stories in the mainstream papers.

by |July 10, 2013

Crash Land Home for the Holidays

As holidays approach and we plan our ‘seasonal’ migrations to see our families, many other species are making their own migrations — though with a few more snafus than we humans might hit.

by |December 20, 2011

Cats and Wind Turbines – A Bird’s Two Greatest Fears

Studies find that cats and wind turbines are responsible for the death of many birds.

by |March 23, 2011