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Going Electric Adds up to a Good Idea for NYC Buses

New York City Transit is considering adding electric buses to its fleet. The purchase price of electric buses is higher than for diesel buses-, but using them would reduce harmful emissions. So is this a good idea?

by |May 31, 2016

How Much Energy Does NYC Waste?

While the New York metropolitan area has been deemed the most wasteful megacity in the world, New York City is considered one of the world’s greenest. But how much energy does New York City waste and what is it doing about it?

From PlaNYC to OneNYC: New York’s Evolving Sustainability Policy

How do we encourage the wealthy to participate in our real estate market without driving out the rest of us? How can the city tax some of the new real estate wealth to provide housing subsidies for working New Yorkers?

by |April 27, 2015