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UN General Assembly Hall

China, Japan, U.S. Star at U.N. Climate Change Summit

The U.N. Summit on Climate Change is underway today in NYC with nearly 100 heads of state in attendance to address carbon emissions and climate change.  Several leaders  — including the president of the Maldives and the prime minister of Japan — offered impassioned pleas to take action and make strong commitments to reducing carbon… read more

by |September 22, 2009

Ecosystem Services Come to New York City: The Natural Way to Reduce Pollution

On August 27th, New York Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo announced that his office will provide $1.8 million of a $7 million settlement with a number of towns in Westchester that had been illegally dumping raw sewage into the Bronx River. According to Cuomo’s web site: “The funding will be provided to seven entities, including… read more

by |September 3, 2009