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India is booming – so why are nearly half of its children malnourished? (Part 1)

India has more hungry people than anywhere in the world, and remains an enigma in global nutrition. How can a country have shining economic growth and strong agricultural productivity, without commensurate reductions in hunger and malnutrition?

by |March 24, 2011
Causeria in Niyame 2

A Community-based Approach to Combating Malnutrition: What It Looks Like and How to Evaluate It

In a world of increasing rates of obesity, it is sometimes hard to remember that another type of malnutrition—undernutrition—remains a major contributor to mortality. Although all ages may be affected by malnutrition, children are most vulnerable to death and long-term disabilities caused by this disease. As such, treating and preventing undernutrition in children contribute to… read more

by |March 11, 2011

Scaling Up The Right Nutrition Solutions In Emergencies…But Is There Enough?

Ready-to-use supplementary foods (RUSF), fortified with necessary micro- and macronutrients, are central in WFP’s nutrition response in Pakistan– with upwards of 850,000 households receiving these life-saving foods over the coming months. Though other food-based nutrition solutions exist, these specialised nutrition products do not require the addition of water — decreasing the risk of infections due to a lack of clean water in the current humanitarian crisis.

by |September 22, 2010

Over $1m in New Commitments to Support Earth Institute Work

Today, two of the world’s leading companies announce grants and technical support totaling more than $1,000,000 aimed at ending global poverty by 2015.

by |September 21, 2010

Nestlé Supports Earth Institute Food and Nutrition Systems Within the Millennium Villages Project

New York, September 21 – Today, Nestlé pledged a two-year, $400,000 grant to support food and nutrition system initiatives led by the Earth Institute, Columbia University, within the Millennium Villages project. Funds will be used to advance progress towards eliminating hunger, increasing food security, and achieving the nutrition-related Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in the 14… read more

by |September 21, 2010

Getting Back on Track: Ending Global Hunger and Undernutrition

One of the targets of the first Millennium Development Goal (MDG) is to reduce the proportion of people who suffer from hunger by half between 1990 and 2015, with hunger measured as the proportion of the population who are undernourished and the prevalence of children under five who are underweight.

by |February 15, 2010