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Philanthropy and Inequality

In the field of philanthropy, foundations have been confronted with how to address structural racism and various forms of systemic inequities. How can foundations play a greater role in reducing racial disparities, promoting criminal justice reform, and tackling any range of manifestations of inequality?

by |April 12, 2016

Climate News Roundup: Week of April 30th

Scientists race to save world’s rice bowl from climate change; Study: climate change causes plants to flower earlier; Panetta warms climate change having ‘dramatic impact’ on national security; Climate change is real and here: what to do now to protect your building

by |May 4, 2012
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Climate News Roundup: Week of 4/08

EU CO2 law could scupper global climate talks, Reuters, Apr 11 A European Union law that charges airlines for carbon emissions is “a deal-breaker” for global climate change talks, India’s environment minister said, hardening her stance on a scheme that has drawn fierce opposition from non-EU governments. U.S. airlines have said they would grudgingly comply,… read more

by |April 13, 2012
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Climate News Roundup: Week of 4/01

EPA to impose first greenhouse gas limits on power plants, Washington Post, Mar 27 The US EPA issued its first regulations addressing greenhouse gas emissions from power plants. The regulation is a New Source Performance Standard, meaning that it applies only to new power plants that are not yet permitted or under construction. The standard… read more

by |April 6, 2012
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Climate News Roundup: Week of 3/11

Slicing Silicon Thinner to Cut the Price of Solar Cells, NY Times, Mar 13: The cost of silicon has been an important barrier to expanding the penetration of solar photovoltaic power. New manufacturing techniques using less silicon could help dramatically reduce the price of producing solar cells, potentially helping expand the industry and bringing down the cost of solar generation.

by |March 19, 2012
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Climate News Roundup: Week of 3/04

Climate Change May Kill OFF 900 Bird Species, Treehugger, Mar 7 Scientists say climate change is likely to drive up to 900 bird species into extinction by the end of the century unless additional conservation measures are taken. Tropical bird species are particularly vulnerable because they are adapted to living in a stable climate, where… read more

by |March 9, 2012
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Climate News Roundup: Week of 2/19

Climate change increased likelihood of Russian 2010 heatwave, The Guardian, Feb 21 The extreme Russian heatwave of 2010 was made three times more likely because of man-made climate change, according to a study led by climate scientists and number-crunched by home PC users. But the size of the event was mostly within natural limits, said… read more

by |February 24, 2012

Climate News Roundup: Week of 2/13

Leak Offers Glimpse of Campaign Against Climate Science, New Global Deal on Climate Change, What’s Next for Renewable Energy in the Mediterranean?, Climate Change Increases Risk of Storm Surge, According to MIT Study

by |February 16, 2012
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Climate News Roundup: Week of 1/22

Signs of New Life as U.N. Searches for a Climate Accord, New York Times, Jan 24 The recently concluded meeting in Durban, South Africa, which established a new mandate for concluding a binding agreement of some sort by 2015, has given the process new life and hushed many of its critics. Christina Figueres, the Costa… read more

by |January 27, 2012

Climate News Roundup: Week of 1/17

Rejecting Pipeline Proposal, Obama Blames Congress; Five Myths About the Keystone Pipeline; GM microbe breakthrough paves way for large-scale seaweed farming for biofuels; Clean Energy Investment Rises to $260 Billion, Boosted by Solar.

by |January 20, 2012