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Virtual reality teacher training

Stepping into a Virtual Reality Classroom for Teacher Training

Columbia’s Center for Sustainable Development is testing a virtual reality module to help train teachers in a comfortable and individual virtual space.

by |June 8, 2018

Myanmar: a New Frontier for Sustainable Development

The Center on Globalization and Sustainable Development is building a sustainable development program to provide policy support for the government of Myanmar, local NGOs and the donor community, accelerating growth that is both socially inclusive, sustainable and mindful of climate risks and opportunities. This video explains the project.

by |October 23, 2013
monks on street in Burma

In Myanmar, Searching for the Roots of Peace

An understanding of the issues that influence conflict in Myanmar is necessary to think about how sustainable peace might be reached. But our research instead focuses on identifying “latent peace capacities” that already exist in and outside of the country, while also exploring means of transforming the underlying structures that give rise to conflict.

by |July 27, 2012