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Remembering Resource Interdependence

Legislating revenue transparency injects fairness into resource equations, but it remains the map rather than the territory. The deeper dilemma is that we no longer have a language to describe the territory.

by |August 3, 2012

Reusing Dirty Water

Columbia Water Center guest lecturer Raymond Farinato talks about increasing water supply by reusing wastewater in industrial applications.

by |May 3, 2011

Climate News Roundup — Week of 6/14

Bill Gates funds cloud-whitening effort to reduce global warming.  USA Today Bill Gates is funding research into whether or not it is effective and feasible to increase the albedo of atmospheric clouds by spray sea mist high into the atmosphere. The plan, spearheaded by Silicon Valley inventor Armand Neukermans, is a relatively benign method of… read more

by |June 24, 2010