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Microsoft and the Earth Institute Launch Rural Technology Lab in Mali

By Matt Berg, ICT Director, Millennium Villages Project To demonstrate the critical role technology can play in achieving the UN Millennium Development Goals to reduce poverty, the Earth Institute, Columbia University has partnered with Microsoft’s Unlimited Potential Community Technology Skills program to establish a computer programmer training center at the Millennium Villages project (MVP) office… read more

by |March 10, 2011

The Rising Tide of Community Health Workers

In the past few weeks, there has been an steady rise in news about Community Health Workers (CHWs), domestically and abroad. The reason for enthusiasm is obvious: without replacing doctors and nurses, regular people can take an active role in the health of their community.

by |March 2, 2011

Earth Institute Receives $1 Million From MacArthur Foundation for Sexual and Reproductive Health Initiative

NEW YORK, September 1 – The Earth Institute, Columbia University is pleased to announce a $1 million grant from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation to help improve the health of mothers and children in poor, rural communities within the Millennium Villages project (MVP). These funds will support activities to increase access to… read more

by |October 5, 2010

In the Fight Against Poverty, Higher Priority Needed for Environmental Sustainability

By Cheryl Palm
As the state of the environment directly affects human health and economic wellbeing, the attainment of Millennium Development Goal 7: Ensuring environmental sustainability is critical to the success of all the MDGs.

by |September 28, 2010

MCI’s MDG Heroes Series: Physicians for Peace’s Ron Sconyers Helps Millennium Cities Attain Health-Related MDGs

Since 2006, Physicians for Peace (PfP), a U.S. based non-profit focused on providing health care training and education to developing countries, has been working with the Millennium Cities Initiative to help the Millennium Cities in their efforts to attain the Millennium Development Goals. Under the leadership of Brigadier General Ron Sconyers, PfP has shipped containers of life-saving medicines and medical equipment to the Millennium Cities in Mali and Senegal; has led several missions to research the most acute medical training needs in Millennium Cities in both east and west Africa; and has dispatched multiple surgical teams to perform fistula repair surgeries that have transformed the lives of many women and girls in Kaduna, Nigeria, and Segou, Mali. PfP has also been instrumental in advocating for a blood bank in Segou, Mali, which will bring millions of people access to safe blood transfers. To coincide with this week’s UN MDG Summit, MCI interviewed this “MDG Hero” about his work with Physicians for Peace to advance health-related MDGs.

by |September 22, 2010

Over $1m in New Commitments to Support Earth Institute Work

Today, two of the world’s leading companies announce grants and technical support totaling more than $1,000,000 aimed at ending global poverty by 2015.

by |September 21, 2010

Nestlé Supports Earth Institute Food and Nutrition Systems Within the Millennium Villages Project

New York, September 21 – Today, Nestlé pledged a two-year, $400,000 grant to support food and nutrition system initiatives led by the Earth Institute, Columbia University, within the Millennium Villages project. Funds will be used to advance progress towards eliminating hunger, increasing food security, and achieving the nutrition-related Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in the 14… read more

by |September 21, 2010

Novartis Foundation for Sustainable Development Partners with the Earth Institute to Advance Technology to Help Achieve the MDGs for Health

New York, September 21 – The Novartis Foundation for Sustainable Development and the Earth Institute, Columbia University today announced a new partnership in support of the Ghana Telemedicine Project, a pilot to use the latest in information and communications technology to improve point-of-service health care services in the Millennium Village of Bonsaaso, Ghana. With this… read more

by |September 21, 2010

Reaching the Millennium Development Goals in the Millennium Villages and Beyond

There are just five years left until the deadline to achieve the Millennium Development Goals, eight ambitious objectives to tackle extreme poverty and its many dimensions and reach a more equitable and sustainable world by 2015. World leaders are gathering this month at the United Nations Summit on the Millennium Development Goals to see that this crucial pledge will be met.

Through efforts like the Millennium Villages project, the Earth Institute, Columbia University, is committed to helping the world achieve the MDGs. Our generous donors are allowing us to come closer to this objective–promoting the achievement of the MDGs in the Millennium Villages and beyond.

by |September 15, 2010
The Great Rift Valley, a predicted hotspot

Relocation Brings Opportunities to Participate in a Historical Event in Kenya

On Monday, the Masters in Development Practice interns at the Millennium Village Project in Sauri, Kenya were relocated to Nairobi as a precaution for the constitutional referendum taking place August 4th. Although this put a damper on our projects, it did enable Steph, Denise and I to participate in a historical event and join 55+… read more

by |August 4, 2010