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astronaut on moon

How Landing on the Moon Changed Our World

Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory director Sean Solomon discusses how Apollo 11 affected the scientific community, how Lamont was involved, and what comes next for lunar exploration.

by |July 17, 2019
A graphic of Mercury's internal structure.

MESSENGER Data Reveal That Mercury’s Inner Core Is Solid

The new findings offer clues about how the solar system formed and how rocky planets change over time.

by |April 19, 2019
false color view of Mercury

Exploring Mercury in a New Book

Scientists from NASA’s MESSENGER mission share some of its top discoveries — and lingering mysteries — in a new compendium.

by |March 22, 2019
Data from MESSENGER was used to map the rugged landforms and spectral variations on Mercury’s surface. Image Credit: NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Carnegie Institution of Washington

MESSENGER Data Reveal Evidence of Ancient Carbon-Rich Crust on Mercury

Mercury’s dark surface is revealing intriguing new clues about the formation of the solar system, including evidence announced today that the planet closest to the Sun may have formed in part from carbon, a key component of life.

by |March 7, 2016


Alien orbits you plied,
While we vicariously spied
A distant globe …

by |May 1, 2015