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Who Cares About Care?: 2 reports from Terence Cardinal Cooke Health Care Center

In his time at the Terence Cardinal Cooke Health Care Center our intrepid intern, Raphy Rosen, has learned of the intricacies of staff-patient relationships. In his next two posts, Raphy discusses the complications of closeness and asks the deceptively simple question, who cares about care? 5- Not too Attached One of the dilemmas that a… read more

by |July 14, 2010

The Wounded Earth

One of the oldest time-tested truths is that actions have consequences, both good and bad. The Old Testament tells us the story of Adam, who sacrificed a rib to create Eve, which provided him with a much needed companion, and gave the world described by the Old Testament its first mother. Soon thereafter Eve took… read more

by |July 13, 2010

The Man Behind the White Coat: 3 reports from Raphy Rosen

In his next installation of posts from Terence Cardinal Cooke Hospital and Medical Center, CSSR’s intern Raphy Rosen discusses the transformative power of a jacket, the difference between the physical and the spiritual questions we ask at the end of a life, and the opposing forces of family and medical culture. 2- Physician Demeanor I… read more

by |July 9, 2010

What is Truth: The First Question from Raphy Rosen, a CSSR-TCC Intern

The field of medicine is concerned with life, yet life cannot be studied without an understanding of death. The CSSR’s internship with the Terence Cardinal Cooke Hospital and Medical Center allows undergraduate students to grapple with the ethics surrounding life and death. Each summer two undergraduate students are selected to intern at TCC for 10… read more

by |June 29, 2010

Earth Democracy: A Lecture by Vandana Shiva

“We need to reinvent our eating and drinking, our moving and working, in our local ecosystems and local cultures. Enriching our lives by lowering our consumption, without impoverishing others. And above all, we need to subject the laws that govern production and consumption to the laws of Gaia; the laws of the planet.” On July… read more

by |June 17, 2010

Harlem Shows its Green Thumb

On Earth Day, April 22nd, Faith Leaders for Environmental Justice came together with the CSSR and WeAct (West Harlem Environmental Action) to give a tour of Harlem using the new Healthy Living Harlem Green Map. The map is a public resource that shows the community where green spaces—such as community gardens, food coops, and parks—can… read more

by |May 6, 2010

Racing to Save the Planet: Conservation Efforts in the Gulf Region

The April 20th explosion of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig off the coast of Louisiana continues to pour thousands of barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico each day. The spill—which is being heralded as the worst oil disaster in US history—is quickly encroaching upon the habitats of hundreds of species in the Gulf… read more

by |May 5, 2010

Through the Looking Glass: A Science Art Exhibit

Have you ever found yourself squinting into a microscope and thinking about the surprising visual similarity between the curve of a cell wall and the mark left by the stroke of a paintbrush? It is easy to overlook a similarity such as this, but when one takes the time to recognize the beauty and balance… read more

by |April 29, 2010

Final Seminar this Thursday: When Science and Halakha (Jewish Law) Collide

The end is near—of the CSSR’s Spring Seminar Series that is. We are concluding this season’s series with a seminar by Rabbi Dov Linzer, Rosh Hayeshiva and Head of Academics at Yeshiva Chovevei Torah, this Thursday, April 29th.  Rabbi Linzer’s lecture, When Science and Halakha (Jewish Law) Collide: Sympathies, Strategies, and Solutions, will investigate the complex moral… read more

by |April 24, 2010

3rd Spring Seminar this Tuesday!

Wafaa El-Sadr, M.D., M.P.H. and Professor of Clinical Medicime and Epidemiology at Columbia’s Mailman School of Public Health, will be giving the CSSR’s third seminar of the semester this Tuesday, April 13th. El-Sadr is a noted researcher of HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis and has created national and international programs in areas greatly affected by the diseases,… read more

by |April 12, 2010