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A Sustainable City Would Continue to Keep Cars Out of Times Square

The trade-off between regulating public behavior and free speech can be difficult, but must be taken on if we are to have public space in sustainable cities. Since we need more of these public spaces rather than fewer spaces, the behavior in Times Square is a challenge of governance that must be taken on by our mayor, city council, courts and police commissioner.

by |August 24, 2015

From PlaNYC to OneNYC: New York’s Evolving Sustainability Policy

How do we encourage the wealthy to participate in our real estate market without driving out the rest of us? How can the city tax some of the new real estate wealth to provide housing subsidies for working New Yorkers?

by |April 27, 2015

Mayor Bloomberg's Persistent Sustainability Agenda

The past several weeks we once again saw the Mayor at his best and at his worst. At his worst, he berated a NY Observer reporter who raised the issue of term limits. At his best, he demonstrated the political courage to experiment with banning cars from parts of Times Square and Herald Square, and… read more

by |June 3, 2009