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My Day with a Community Health Worker

Originally posted at The other week I walked the footpaths of Nyaminia, a sub-location of the Millennium Village Project in Sauri, Kenya, to visit households with Richard*, a Community Health Worker (CHW). Going around with a CHW was eye-opening. It’s one thing to read about nutrition screenings and the use of mobile phones for health… read more

by |July 6, 2010

Engaging Change: The Challenges of Governing MVP Initiatives

For my second week of rotations in the Mbola Millennium Village, I was with the Community Development and Education Team. The way the project engages the local government and village structures, as well as what it does to bolster up the educational systems means everything in terms of sustainability and community acceptance of MVP initiatives.

by |June 29, 2010

Gender based training in Ruhiira

The community sector carries out training workshops addressing gender issues two to three times per year. As part of our community sector rotation last week, we visited the homes of two couples, one of which had attended the training, one of which had not. Based on the day’s discussions with the field facilitators and visited… read more

by |June 28, 2010

Water Access in Mbola MVP: Not Just Another Pipe Dream

For the first week of rotations I went out with the Water and Sanitation team in the Mbola Millennium Village. My interest slowly peaked, as the challenges of providing improved water points to the village coincided with our own struggles for water supply at the Tabora MDP student house.

by |June 19, 2010

Education interventions in the Ruhiira Village: Sustainable?

By Ashley Elizabeth Henderson One of the biggest criticisms of the Millennium Village Project is sustainability. This week, as an intern on the Uganda team, I witnessed first-hand some of the difficulties surrounding the transition from project initiated interventions to community managed continuation. In the education sector, the site team has three general objectives: universal… read more

by |June 13, 2010

Thinking of Korea in Sauri, Kenya

I am spending my summer in Sauri, Kenya. As a Masters in Development Practice student (MDP), we have a 12-week field training in a Millennium Village. The first 5 weeks consists of rotations in Agriculture/Business Development, Education, Health, Infrastructure, and Community Development. After the rotations, we will work as a team to draw up a… read more

by |June 11, 2010

Monitoring and Evaluation is Hard*

A primary component of the Millennium Villages Project education strategy is to improve the quality of education. But are MVP interventions such as school feeding programs, classroom construction, and teacher training truly having an impact on student performance? On Wednesday I attended a planning meeting for an evaluation designed to measure just that. The standardized… read more

by |June 11, 2010

A Week with the Sauri, Kenya Education Team

Originally posted at My first week’s rotation at the Sauri Millennium Village was with the education sector. In three short days I observed MVP sponsored computer labs, school feeding program kitchens, gender separated latrines, a monitoring and evaluation planning meeting, rainwater harvesting, school livestock; the list goes on. The education team is constantly on the… read more

by |June 11, 2010

Sustainable Financing in the Mbola MVP?

The MDP Tanzania Team finished our first week here in Tabora town and the Mbola Millennium Village. After spending an orientation day with the Business Enterprise and Development Coordinator and learning about The Mbola Millennium Savings & Credit Cooperative Society (SACCOS) as well as the MVP input credit scheme I am left with both questions and perhaps some answers about future financing prospects beyond MVP.

by |June 7, 2010

Take MDP Courses in the USA, Practice in Nigeria, Graduate in Costa Rica.

As a student, imagine taking courses from experts at the Earth Institute and the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University, living in Nigeria for two months while helping villages problem-solve the complex challenges of sustainable development, and graduating from your home institution in Costa Rica. Picture meeting at a university campus every… read more

by |February 10, 2010