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map of haiti

CIESIN seeks GIS Interns

Detail-oriented students interested in GIS data exploration, analysis, and documentation can apply by September 24.

by |September 17, 2018

Students Practice GIS and Remote-Sensing Field Work in Black Rock Forest

When it comes to learning about data collection techniques, there is no substitute for field work. In October, three Columbia classes embarked on a field trip to the Black Rock Forest in Cornwall, New York, to get some hands-on experience.

by |December 19, 2017

A Life Well Mapped

Mark Becker believed in the power of geospatial data and analysis to motivate our stewardship of the environment and guide development of sustainable approaches that balance human and environmental needs.

by |March 4, 2014
Map showing a portion of Passaic, Bergen, and Rockland Counties

In Your Own Backyard: Mapping Communities Near Superfund Sites

The NPL Superfund Footprint Mapper is an interactive, online mapping application—a clickable map—that lets users visualize a rich variety of population and environment characteristics of areas in the vicinity of Superfund sites.

Track the Number of People in Irene’s Path

As Hurricane Irene barrels up the East Coast, the number of people affected is rising. Based on calculations at 2 pm on Saturday, more than 47 million people were within 100 miles of the storm track; and nearly 69 million within 200 miles, according to Columbia’s Center for International Earth Science Information Network(CIESIN). Visit CIESIN’s… read more

by |August 27, 2011
Four maps of countries for comparison.

Updated Map Viewer Enables Visualization of Socioeconomic and Earth Science Data

Terra Viva SEDAC Viewer, a map viewer and standalone software application, has been updated for 2011 with the addition of several new SEDAC data sets, including climate change scenario data and indicator collections with hundreds of variables. Terra Viva contains map data and GIS functions in one package. An excellent tool for educators, as well… read more

by |June 24, 2011