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Buildings surrounded by water flowing out of North Carolina's Cape Fear River in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence. (Photo: Staff Sgt. Mary Junell/U.S. Army)

Waterfront Development Added Billions to Property Values Exposed to Hurricane Florence

Rapid development in flood-prone zones during recent decades helped boost the amount of property exposed to the 2018 hurricane substantially, a new study says.

by |April 21, 2020

Analyzing Winter Storm Risk and Resilience in a Changing Climate

A new study analyzing storm intensity and impacts in the New York metro area aims to inform how communities can better prepare for winter storms and enhance resiliency as the effects of climate change exacerbate hazards.

by |August 8, 2017
Map fusion combines night light, population density and elevation data to show the contrast between the densely populated Ganges-Brahmaputra delta and the sparsely populated mountain ranges surrounding it. The urban cores (red) have population densities approaching 100,000 people per square kilometer, while the surrounding agricultural areas have average population densities around 1000 people per square kilometer. Courtesy of Chris Small

A Simple Question, Unexpected Applications – and an Award

Even the simplest research questions can lead to far-reaching public benefits. Consider Chris Small and Joel Cohen’s study of global population by altitude, being honored this week at the Library of Congress.

by |September 14, 2015
screenshot showing settlements in Port-a-Piment, Haitia, watershed area

Mapping Flood Exposure in Southwest Haiti

Mapping flood exposure in Haiti is part of ongoing research at CIESIN on environmental risks and integrated development there.

Asia’s Motown Meets Waterworld–The Global Water Supply Chain Crisis

Since July, an almost unceasing torrent of rain has soaked Thailand, flooding farms, roads, factories, and finally Bangkok itself, a city of some 12 million people; so far at least 500 people have died. To date the government has ordered evacuations of 12 of the city’s 50 districts, even as water continues to creep through… read more

by |November 9, 2011

Ohio and Mississippi River Floods in Photos

Heavy rains over the American South and Midwest have deluged the region, causing unprecedented flood damage. View photos of the event from around the web.

by |May 12, 2011

Here Comes the Flood: The Army Corps Prepares to Blow the Levees to Save Cairo, Illinois

The US Army corps of Engineers is preparing to blow up levees on the Ohio River near Bird’s Point Missouri in order to save the town of Cairo, Illinois.

by |May 2, 2011

“You are Misinformed”–Planning for Flood Regime Change

Lately a lot of people are wondering just how helpful the 100-year flood benchmark really is, as places seem to be getting hit by 100-year floods all the time.

by |April 22, 2011

Before the Flood—Predicting the Deluge

The Columbia Global Flood Project is based on the conviction that while human beings may not have direct control of where and how much rain falls, there is a great deal more that can be done to manage the risk of extreme flooding around the world.

by |April 12, 2011

Adaptive Strategies in Managing Climate Change Risk

With the threat of rising sea level due to thermal expansion (water increases volume as it gets warmer) and melting of land-based ice (such as glaciers and polar ice sheets), coastal cities are planning ways to minimize the impacts of flooding on city infrastructure. The Thames Barrier (pictured) is one such engineering solution. It is… read more

by |June 3, 2009