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Nilda Mesa

New Faculty: Nilda Mesa joins the Urban Design Lab

Nilda Mesa joins the Earth Institute to launch a new program in urban sustainability and equity planning at the Urban Design Lab.

by |August 29, 2016

A New Course: Environmental Infrastructure for Sustainable Cities

Read about new MSSM Faculty member Carter Strickland, and how he will bring his expertise in sustainability and environmental policy to the classroom in fall 2016 with a new course: Environmental Infrastructure for Sustainable Cities.

by |August 18, 2016

Faculty Profile: Kenneth Prewitt

Kenneth Prewitt brings to the Earth Institute a very interesting and eclectic background rarely seen in academia–even in a diverse setting like the Earth Institute.  Now the Carnegie Professor of Public Affairs at the School of International and Public Affairs, he has spent about half of his career in research universities and the other half… read more

by |August 8, 2016

The Business and Ecology of Sustainable Forestry

Read about new MSSM Faculty member Ralph Schmidt, and how he will bring his expertise to the classroom in fall 2016 with a new course: The Business and Ecology of Sustainable Forestry.

by |July 28, 2016

Faculty Profile: Joseph Graziano

There are few people in the world who have helped save or drastically improve as many lives as Joseph Graziano.  By devoting his career to understanding the consequences of exposure to metals, he has helped strengthen historic legislation and develop critical drugs to treat lead poisoning, and he has helped roughly 100,000 people reduce their… read more

by |July 7, 2016

Faculty Profile: Mark Cane

Mark Cane has never been one to follow the status quo. After studying pure mathematics and what is now known as computer science at Harvard in the 60s, he took a hiatus from academia to work in New York and explore his roots in the Lower East Side. Little did he know that several decades… read more

by |June 6, 2016

Faculty Profile: John Mutter

John Mutter’s career path has an unusual twist to it.  He first trained in physics and mathematics as an undergraduate at Melbourne University in his hometown in Australia.  He moved to the U.S. to undertake a Ph.D. in geophysics at Columbia and stayed on as a research scientist at Columbia’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory in the… read more

by |May 5, 2016

Faculty Profile: Richard Horsch

Teaching in the MSSM program provides faculty member Richard Horsch an opportunity to interact with students who have a passion for protecting the environment and for whom a working knowledge of law and policy would form an important part of their ability to succeed.

by |April 28, 2016

Faculty Profile: Patrick Kinney

The New York metropolitan area and the far reaches of Kenya have benefited equally from Patrick Kinney’s work. Kinney believes that the harmony of all living things depends not only upon the well-being of people but on the health of the environment. His work is therefore motivated by the twin goals of improving public health… read more

by |April 4, 2016

Alum Brings Solar Expertise to the Classroom

Master of Science in Sustainability Management professor Dan Giuffrida believes that understanding energy, water, and raw material usage with both a technical and financial acumen is imperative. As the instructor for Solar Project Development, professor Giuffrida will prepare students to fully evaluate the technical and financial aspects of a solar project.

by |March 17, 2016