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Faculty Profile: Robert Pollack

Robert Pollack, biology professor and the director of the Earth Institute’s Center for the Study of Science and Religion, sums up his academic interests on the biology department’s Web site this way: “To reconsider the large question—is the natural normative?—from both scientific and religious perspectives at once.” Pollack also holds positions as a lecturer at… read more

by |September 9, 2015

Faculty Profile: Stephen E. Zebiak

Dr. Zebiak is a Senior Research Scientist and is the head of the Climate Services Partnership, which is housed at the IRI. The Climate Services Partnership is an information collaborative platform to advance knowledge, tools, and capacities in the delivery of science-based climate services to inform practical decision and policy making. Previously, Dr. Zebiak was… read more

by |August 8, 2015

Faculty Profile: Peter deMenocal

As a young undergraduate, Peter deMenocal once wandered the halls of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, where he met Charlie Hollister, a well-known and charismatic marine geologist. Charlie invited him into his large office and recounted his life as an oceanographer: travel to distant ports, research on the open ocean, rigorous science and the thrill… read more

by |July 7, 2015

Faculty Profile: Robert Lieberman

Robert Lieberman is a professor of political science and public affairs and vice dean for academic affairs at the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University. His research interests include American political development, public policy, race and politics, and social welfare policy. He brings an important perspective to both his department and the… read more

by |June 6, 2015

Faculty Profile: Joel Cohen

It has been a long time since humans thought of themselves as the prey of other species. But when Joel Cohen summarizes his research, it makes a person think twice about his or her comfortable perch at the top of the food chain. “I focus on human relations with the species we eat (agriculture) and… read more

by |May 5, 2015

Faculty Profile: Shahid Naeem

Shahid Naeem and his team are unwavering when it comes to the need for preserving biodiversity; their motto is “Ecology with no apology.” The planet is facing its sixth mass extinction, which means nearly half of all species could disappear in the next few decades. Director of science at the Earth Institute Center for Environmental Sustainability… read more

by |April 4, 2015

Faculty Profile: Peter Schlosser

As the deputy director and director of research at the Earth Institute, Columbia University, Peter Schlosser plays an active role in developing interdisciplinary research on sustainable development—in addition to conducting his own research, teaching, designing courses and publishing regularly. For several decades, Peter Schlosser has been one of the world’s leading earth scientists. His research… read more

by |March 3, 2015
steve cohen

Faculty Profile: Steve Cohen

Dr. Steven Cohen is a Professor in the Practice of Public Affairs at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs and the Director of the Research Program on Sustainability Policy and Management at Columbia University’s Earth Institute. He is also the Director of the Master of Public Administration Program in Environmental Science and Policy… read more

by |February 2, 2015
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Faculty Profile: Michael Gerrard

Michael B. Gerrard, Andrew Sabin Professor of Professional Practice at Columbia Law School, teaches courses on environmental law, climate change law, and energy regulation, and is director of the Sabin Center for Climate Change Law. He also chairs the faculty of Columbia University’s Earth Institute. From 1979 through 2008, he practiced environmental law in New… read more

by |January 1, 2015

Faculty Profile: Richard Plunz

Richard Plunz is considered one of the world’s leading authorities on housing and urban development. As director of the Urban Design Lab at the Earth Institute, Plunz addresses the challenges of contemporary urban life, from sustainable urban infrastructure to the myriad developmental factors of the contemporary city. In addition to his role at the Earth… read more

by |May 5, 2014