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Faculty Profile: Mark Cane

Mark Cane has never been one to follow the status quo. After studying pure mathematics and what is now known as computer science at Harvard in the 60s, he took a hiatus from academia to work in New York and explore his roots in the Lower East Side. Little did he know that several decades… read more

by |June 6, 2016

Faculty Profile: John Mutter

John Mutter’s career path has an unusual twist to it.  He first trained in physics and mathematics as an undergraduate at Melbourne University in his hometown in Australia.  He moved to the U.S. to undertake a Ph.D. in geophysics at Columbia and stayed on as a research scientist at Columbia’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory in the… read more

by |May 5, 2016

Faculty Profile: Patrick Kinney

The New York metropolitan area and the far reaches of Kenya have benefited equally from Patrick Kinney’s work. Kinney believes that the harmony of all living things depends not only upon the well-being of people but on the health of the environment. His work is therefore motivated by the twin goals of improving public health… read more

by |April 4, 2016

Faculty Profile: Elke Weber

Elke Weber has made it her life’s work to understand why and how people make the decisions they make.  Not a simple task.  Take, for example, smoking cigarettes.  Doctors’ warnings of the deadly consequences of becoming addicted to cigarettes have been publicized for nearly 50 years now, but this hasn’t stopped millions of people from… read more

by |March 3, 2016

Faculty Profile: Wallace S. Broecker

Wallace Broecker passed away on Feb 19, 2019. Read his obituary: Wallace Broecker, Prophet of Climate Change To his colleagues, peers and admirers he is a genius and a pioneer, the Grandfather of Climate Science. And to his countless friends – most of whom also happen to be colleagues, peers and admirers – he is simply… read more

by |February 2, 2016

Faculty Profile: Richard Deckelbaum

Like many who have devoted their lives to global public health, Dr. Richard Deckelbaum is regularly challenged by the lack of financial commitment shown by the international community to make modest investments for drastic improvements in people’s lives. He has a hard time believing that governments cannot see—or simply choose to ignore—that nutrition and health… read more

by |January 1, 2016

Faculty Profile: Vijay Modi

Vijay Modi is a professor of mechanical engineering at Columbia University and an Earth Institute faculty member. He also lead the UN Millennium Project effort on the role of energy and energy services in reaching the Millennium Development Goals (MDG’s). Currently, he is focused on making consumer-scaled versions of technology that is normally supersized available to developing countries…. read more

by |December 12, 2015

Faculty Profile: Upmanu Lall

  As he explained in a recent issue of Columbia Engineering, for Professor Upmanu Lall, “the goal of engineering is to develop solutions to societal problems.” Over three decades a hydrologist, Lall has focused on the societal problems associated with water: from severe water shortages that are expected to occur in one-third of the developing… read more

by |November 11, 2015

Faculty Profile: Patricia Culligan

Patricia Culligan’s intellectual trajectory should be an inspiration to anyone who spends their life wondering what they want to be when they grow up. Culligan began her journey by specializing in soil mechanics in her undergraduate years because “soil mechanics felt like one of the civil engineering subjects I was studying where, because natural materials… read more

by |October 10, 2015

Faculty Profile: Allen Zweben

Allen Zweben is currently doing landmark research on integrating behavioral and pharmacological treatment for alcohol problems. His specific focus has been on exploring the biological and psychosocial pathways that can produce lasting change for individuals with alcohol problems. Zweben has derived important insights on the kinds of behavioral strategies that might be employed along with… read more

by |September 9, 2015