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colorful coral reef with fish

We Must Do Better at Managing the Wilderness that Remains

Humanity is failing at preserving biodiversity. But a book from 2006 offers inspiration and instructions on how to preserve what’s left of it.

by Marco Tedesco |September 21, 2020
North Atlantic right whale and calf

The “Right” Whale to Save

Environmental Science and Policy students analyze legislation meant to save North Atlantic right whales from extinction.

by Sophie Capshaw-Mack |December 11, 2019
gecko in a human hand

Nonhuman Life Should Be Central to Sustainability Problem-Solving

A dire new U.N. report highlights the importance of including all life in our pursuit to sustain humanity.

by |May 7, 2019

Your Earth Questions, Answered

In celebration of Earth Month and Earth Day, our scientists are tackling reader questions on science and sustainability.

by |April 17, 2019

Why Endangered Species Matter

The Endangered Species Act is under attack. If we don’t protect endangered species, their extinction will impact our food, water, environment and health.

by |March 26, 2019

Don’t Worry About Doomsday, Botanists Have a Plan

A new initiative of the Smithsonian Institution is building a frozen library cataloging snippets of plant tissue from every species on the planet.

by |July 10, 2015

Mysterious Demise of an Australian Thunder Bird

Here, mankind and death coincide,
But everyone’s still mystified …

by |February 20, 2015

Climate Change Poses Challenges to Plants and Animals

Because of climate change, spring, summer, fall and winter in the temperate zones are all arriving on average 1.7 days earlier than they ever have before. The changing climate with its more extreme weather is affecting many plant and animal species, disturbing their habitat and disrupting ecosystem functioning. How will plants and animals deal with these challenges?

by |February 3, 2015

Extinction Exposed – The Giant Panda

Captive breeding and species protection are helping the panda recover, but fewer than two thousand still remain.

by |September 19, 2011

Extinction Exposed – The Sea Otter

Despite being a keystone species in important ecosystems that span the northern and eastern North Pacific Ocean, sea otters have historically had a complex and sometimes troubling relationship with humans.

by |September 12, 2011