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Peak Ecological Water

‘Peak ecological water’ is the point at which so much water is being diverted from the environment for human use, that the ecosystem can no longer function normally. It can even get to the point that an ecosystem is irreversibly damaged, and there are estimates that humans already divert almost 50% of all accessible freshwater globally. According to their article, “Since 1900, half of the world’s wetlands have disappeared. The number of freshwater species has decreased by 50% since 1970, faster than the decline of species on land or in the sea. River deltas are increasingly deprived of flows due to upstream diversions, or receive water heavily contaminated with human and industrial wastes.”

by |June 24, 2010

Gridlock in Everglades Land Deal

For many who have been following the saga of the Everglades of South Florida, it seemed that restoration and conservation plans formed during the last decade were only getting more complicated and mired in bureaucracy. That is, until Gov. Charlie Crist stepped up to the plate to make a game-changing proposition to buy back land… read more

by |October 20, 2009

What is the future of the Everglades?

At the beginning of April, Florida Governor Charlie Crist announced a dramatic change to the proposed plan to buy and restore a significant section of the Florida Everglades. Originially, the plan was to purchase 180,000 acres of the Everglades that is currently farmed by the United States Sugar Corporation for $1.34 billion. This was actually the follow up plan to the original plan of purchasing United States Sugar for $1.7 billion and taking over all the land they currently own. The new plan has cut back dramatically to 72,500 acres for $530 million. This huge cut in the area purchased is yet another effect of the current economic situation. The real question is what will happen to the Everglades now?

by |April 13, 2009

As Economy Falters, Everglades May Lose Out

In the past months, the headlines have been dominated by news of yet another bad day for the stock market. But, there is another casualty of the recession that probably isn’t getting as much press. While stocks continue to plummet, the Everglades of South Florida may also be falling on hard times as a result… read more

by |March 4, 2009