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Building a New Model for Development with the Honduran Government

Together with the Honduran government, the Center on Globalization and Sustainable Development and Earth Institute colleagues will design a sustainable development plan that tackles agriculture, education, health, energy, climate change mitigation and business development to address the root causes of poverty in Golfo de Fonseca.

by |August 14, 2012

Climate Services: Bring In Many Perspectives, Early On

What’s a “climate service”? Depends on whom you ask, which is why it is crucial to bring as many different perspectives to the table, says Guy Brassuer, head of Germany’s Climate Service Center.

by |March 9, 2012

Extraordinary Support for Unprecedented Global Challenges

The Earth Institute’s annual donor report for fiscal year 2011 is now available in an interactive digital format. We remain committed to finding extraordinary support to unprecedented global challenges, many of which are outlined in this report. We have highlighted some of our innovative projects in research, policy, and education, as well as the partnerships that are helping to support them.

by |February 16, 2012

Global Linkages, Global Literacy: MCI Celebrates World Read Aloud Day through School-to-School Partnerships

What happens when students around the world are connected via modern technologies to share their experiences and perspectives? The Millennium Cities Initiative is determined to find out through its exciting School-to-School partnership program, which brings together schools from the United States with schools in the Millennium Cities – underserved urban areas of sub-Saharan Africa. While… read more

by |March 5, 2010

Science, Technology and Economic Development

On April 27th, President Obama gave an inspiring speech at the National Academy of Sciences in Washington D.C about the importance of scientific research and education. He began by describing the threats to global sustainability and economic well being faced throughout the world and here in the United States. He observed that: “At such a… read more

by |April 30, 2009