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What Will You Leave Behind? How Personal Legacy Affects Pro-environmental Behavior

New research from the Center for Research on Environmental Decisions finds that personal legacy can be a motivator to encourage pro-environmental behaviors.

by |January 8, 2015

Looking Back on Winter: Part I

The arrival of spring in temperate climates means more hours of daylight, showers and flowers.  Despite the general mood improvement from the dark days of winter, we should not be quick to forget the controversies surrounding this past season. Winter 2010, deemed by media outlets as Snowmaggedon and Snowpocalypse, was the snowiest season on record… read more

by |March 26, 2010

Do I Want It in My Backyard? Yes I Do!

Coining a new phrase is a great way to change an old attitude, was my initial thought when I first read about “YIMFY” or “yes in my front yard”, a phrase introduced in a report from the International Energy Agency. It is a play on the well-known negative “not in my back yard”, but in… read more

by |January 12, 2010

Using Climate Information for Humanitarian Assistance

Using Climate and Weather Forecasts to Improve Humanitarian Decision Making

by |December 14, 2009

30 Rock and Responsible Energy Use

NBC’s Green Week 2009 featured an entertaining energy challenge for the characters of 30 Rock, when Jack tasks Kenneth and the office with reducing the show’s energy consumption by five per cent. Here are some highlights of how characters committed to help the cause. Liz Lemon: Agrees to remove the mini fridge from her office… read more

by |November 25, 2009

Tips for Communicating Climate Change

Last week the Center for Research on Environmental Decisions (CRED) published a concise guide for “scientists, journalists, educators, political aides, and the interested public” on the challenges of communicating climate change. Below are some common excuses that lead to a lack of action on climate change and tips from the CRED guide that explain what… read more

by |November 13, 2009

Operational Coconut Yield Predictions

The Coconut Research Institute of Sri Lanka (CRI) has sustained an improved prediction scheme for national coconut production for the last four years. Coconuts are an important source of food and raw materials and also provide income to millions in the tropics. Coconuts are the most important food crop after rice in Sri Lanka and … read more

by |March 31, 2009

Behavior, policy, and climate change

Climate change is often discussed as the ultimate market failure: in the absence of laws that change incentives, decisions to maximize individual self-interest will not produce the socially desirable outcome of reducing carbon emissions and preserving the climate system. The role of individual and institutional behavior in bringing about the necessary changes is rarely discussed outside… read more

by |March 18, 2009