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How Are the Sustainable Development Goals Traveling in Your World?

The Center for Sustainable Urban Development is asking city-makers to fill out a survey, the first stage in a project whose aim is to help accelerate the adoption—and mainstreaming—of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

by |February 7, 2019

Transforming Urban Transport in Nairobi

In an effort to strengthen and expand public transport in Nairobi, Kenya, the Volvo Research & Educational Foundations is partnering with the Center for Sustainable Urban Development on a new project to improve accessibility in the city.

by |April 10, 2014

Rockefeller Foundation Supports Urban Planning in Nairobi

New York, NY, July, 2009. The Rockefeller Foundation is aiding sustainable development in metropolitan Nairobi, Kenya with a $400,000 grant to Columbia University’s Earth Institute aimed at supporting broad-based grass roots participation in the urban-planning process. The Earth Institute’s Center for Sustainable Urban Development (CSUD) will use the support to continue ongoing work with the… read more

by |July 20, 2009