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Partnering for Change: Columbia Water Center Collaborates on World Water Day

In celebration of World Water Day 2014, the Columbia Water Center is partnering with several companies to bring attention to water stress and discuss innovative solutions to global water challenges.

by |March 21, 2014

National Grid Joins the Corporate Circle

The Earth Institute is pleased to welcome National Grid into the Corporate Circle, a collective partnership of leading corporations from across the globe committed to pursuing sustainable development objectives. Through a generous gift, National Grid will support sustainable energy research at the Earth Institute.

by |May 17, 2013

Extraordinary Support for Sustainable Development

Visit the interactive digital Earth Institute 2012 Annual Donor Report to see some of the remarkable projects, initiatives and achievements that have been made possible through the support and advocacy of donors, students, faculty and staff in fiscal year 2012.

by |February 18, 2013

New Software Speeds Carbon Footprinting

Taking a big step towards helping companies accurately label the carbon footprint of their products, researchers at the Earth Institute have developed new software that can calculate the carbon footprints of thousands of products simultaneously.

by |October 10, 2012

IKEA Foundation Pledges $2.5 Million to Earth Institute Project in India

In partnership with Earth Institute researchers, the IKEA Foundation has pledged over $2.5 million to help improve the quality of education through pilot projects in two Indian states.

by |September 20, 2012

Extraordinary Support for Unprecedented Global Challenges

The Earth Institute’s annual donor report for fiscal year 2011 is now available in an interactive digital format. We remain committed to finding extraordinary support to unprecedented global challenges, many of which are outlined in this report. We have highlighted some of our innovative projects in research, policy, and education, as well as the partnerships that are helping to support them.

by |February 16, 2012

Eni Brings New Energy to the Corporate Circle

In keeping with its corporate and social responsibility goals, Eni, an Italian energy company, recently renewed its Strategic Partnership with the Earth Institute’s Corporate Circle.

by |November 2, 2011

JM Eagle CEO Walter Wang Tours Millennium Villages in East Africa

JM Eagle CEO Walter Wang visited Millennium Villages in Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda to see the impact of clean and reliable water systems made possible through his company’s donations.

by |August 1, 2011

Good to the Last Drop: Mobile Tech to Advance Water Infrastructure in Africa

The Earth Institute, in conjuction with several corporate partners, hopes to use mobile technology to revolutionize the way utilities are monitored, metered, and maintained to ensure clean water supplies and reliable energy.

by |August 1, 2011

ConEdison Renews Corporate Circle Membership

The Earth Institute is pleased to announce that Con Edison has renewed its membership as a Sustaining Member of the Corporate Circle. Through their generous gift of $25,000, Con Edison will continue to support The Earth Institute in its central goals of mobilizing the sciences, education and public policy to achieve environmental and economic sustainability… read more

by |July 27, 2011