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The Intensifying Debate Over Genetically Modified Foods

Genetically modified foods contain organisms that have had DNA from a non-related species transferred into their genes via biotechnology to imbue them with specific traits. The debate over whether or not they are safe is intensifying as more GM foods show up in our supermarkets, and the movement to label GM food grows.

by |July 30, 2013

Preparing for a Future of Perpetual Drought

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change projects that droughts will likely increase in central North America this century. How can we prepare for a future of perpetual drought?

by |August 16, 2012

Ethanol’s Impacts on Our Water Resources

Ninety-five percent of ethanol in the U.S. comes from corn, but corn-based ethanol is controversial because of the amount of land required to grow the crops, and because of its effect on food prices and water resources.

by |March 21, 2011