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glaciers in ladakh

War Against Natural Disasters: A Fight the Indian Military Can’t Win

Ladakh’s glaciers are retreating, causing floods and threatening livelihoods. But a recent study reveals that disaster risk reduction is often slow or absent due to its status as a conflict and military-tense zone.

Haiti 2010 earthquake

Remote Data Team Helped Put Haiti Back on the Map

Before the Haiti earthquake, few publicly available maps of the country existed. When the earthquake hit in 2010, some of the little data that existed was destroyed. Then a team at Tufts University went into action, and from afar, helped build updated maps of roads and earthquake damage to help humanitarian organizations deal with the crisis.

by |March 18, 2015

Renewed Effort Underway to Better Understand Challenges to Peacebuilding

Lessons learned regarding the management of natural resources in peacebuilding efforts were the focus of several activities recently, including a book launch of the first in a six-volume series, a conference, and curriculum-building workshop.

by |May 31, 2012