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Report Suggests Solutions for Making Coffee More Sustainable

Because of the intertwined crises of poverty and environmental stress, the future is bleak for coffee farmers in many countries — but it doesn’t have to be this way.

by Jeffrey D. Sachs and Kaitlin Cordes |February 14, 2020

Q&A with Juan Nicolás Hernandez-Aguilera on Coffee and Climate

How research at Columbia University is making coffee production more sustainable.

shade-grown coffee bushes grow under trees

Shade-Grown Coffee Helps Ecosystems and Farmers

A new study finds that coffee farmers could be better off financially if they used shade-growing practices for part of their production.

What’s Climate Doing to Guatemala’s Coffee?

Diego Pons discusses his recent work on exploring the relationships between several climatic variables and coffee productivity in a region of Guatemala.

by |December 13, 2018

Rain, Rain, Go Away…

Assessing biodiversity on coffee farms in Costa Rica is a difficult task when unyielding torrential downpours strike.

by |November 29, 2011

How Coffee Affects Biodiversity

S. Amanda Caudill is currently evaluating mammal biodiversity in coffee dominated regions in Turrialba, Costa Rica. Her findings will help determine which habitat parameters are important to the mammals and shape suggestions on how to enhance the habitat.

by |November 21, 2011