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New Columbia World Project to Address Climate Risks to Food in Six Countries

The project will focus on climate threats to food and nutrition in six developing countries, bringing research out of the lab and into the real world.

by |March 23, 2018

From Climate Science to Climate Service

What makes for good climate services? A new commentary in the journal Science outlines three considerations.

by |September 22, 2016

Climate Services: Power in Numbers

Many countries and organizations are already investing in climate services, says IRI’s Steve Zebiak. What has been missing until recently is a central platform for capturing experiences and sharing best practices–enter the Climate Services Partnership.

by |March 19, 2012

Climate Services: Global Framework

Jerry Lengoasa, Deputy Secretary General of the World Meteorological Organization — How do we bridge the gap between those who have the knowledge and those who don’t, those who have the capacity and those who don’t have the capacity, and the capability?

by |March 6, 2012

Climate Services: A Private-Sector Perspective

For the private sector, climate services need to be framed in terms of business risks and drivers, says Jean-Cristophe Amado, Risk Manager at Acclimatise North America.

by |March 1, 2012

Climate Services: Providers, Users Must Partner

The potential of climate services depends on the strength of partnerships between those who provide climate information and those who need it, says Zhang Zuqiang, Deputy Director of China’s National Climate Center.

by |February 28, 2012

Climates Services: Must Help Us Understand Risks

The point is setting priorities right, and for an agency like the World Food Programme, our focus is of course vulnerable people in the most vulnerable countries, countries where climate change is a multiplier of hunger risk. –- WFP’s Carlo Scaramella, in the fifth in a series of video interviews.

by |February 24, 2012

Climate Services: Science=Credibility

It’s terribly important that those who provide climate services are backed up by science and most importantly, link with and understand the problems of the user community. – says John Zillman, former president of the World Meteorological Organization, in the fourth in a series of video interviews.

by |February 21, 2012

Climate Services: No need to wait for disasters to happen

“We need climate information to be able to see disasters coming ahead of time, not just hours, but also weeks, months, and even decades in terms of trends.” — Maarten Van Aalst, the Director of the Red Cross/Red Crescent Climate Centre talks about the importance of climate services for humanitarian operations planning and preparedness, for the third in a series of video interviews.

by |February 17, 2012

Climate Services: A Regional Perspective

“But we unfortunately are in one of the areas in which climate prediction is very difficult because we’re in the middle of two big oceans, and on the fringe between the interaction of Northern Hemisphere systems and Southern Hemisphere systems.” — Costa Rica’s Patricia Ramirez on the value of shared climate services across Central America for risk assessments in agriculture, health and other sectors.

by |February 14, 2012