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The Intergenerational Ethics of Climate Change

We owe the young climate activists our attention and support.

by |November 11, 2019

Understanding GHG emissions: Stock vs. Flows

In discussing climate change and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, a key distinction must be made between the stock of GHGs in the atmosphere, and the flow of GHGs, primarily emissions. Understanding this difference is crucial for designing and implementing policies to effectively address the problem. Because a bathtub is something that most of us are… read more

by |July 18, 2011

Understanding the Mind as the Temperature Climbs

Warnings of potentially cataclysmic climate change have reached nearly every newspaper front page and legislative chamber around the globe since the 1990s. So why has the human response been so limited?

by |June 28, 2011

Do I Want It in My Backyard? Yes I Do!

Coining a new phrase is a great way to change an old attitude, was my initial thought when I first read about “YIMFY” or “yes in my front yard”, a phrase introduced in a report from the International Energy Agency. It is a play on the well-known negative “not in my back yard”, but in… read more

by |January 12, 2010