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Analyzing Winter Storm Risk and Resilience in a Changing Climate

A new study analyzing storm intensity and impacts in the New York metro area aims to inform how communities can better prepare for winter storms and enhance resiliency as the effects of climate change exacerbate hazards.

by |August 8, 2017

EPA’s Upcoming Carbon Rules: A Primer

On Monday, June 2, President Obama will announce proposed federal rules aimed at curbing carbon emissions from existing U.S. power plants–possibly a landmark in U.S. climate policy. It is uncertain how far the rule will go, and the announcement is being closely watched around the world.

by |May 30, 2014

Climate and Society Students ‘Develop’ Research for NASA, IRI

Two Climate and Society students are working on a NASA DEVELOP project at the International Research Institute for Climate and Society. Learn about the research and visit their virtual posters.

by |April 12, 2013

Singing the Blues About Water Scarcity

Otis Redding sang “you don’t miss your water ’til your well runs dry” in 1965 about pining for a lost love. Last week, Climate and Society founder and Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory scientist Mark Cane reprised it with a much different, more literal focus: water scarcity in the 21st century.

by |April 2, 2013

Road to Rio Event Engages Columbia Community and Local High School Students

In anticipation of Rio+20, two Columbia University master’s programs, MPA in Environmental Science and Policy and MA in Climate and Society, collaborated on an event to discuss how climate change impacts human rights. Global Kids, a local high school group, participated in preparation for attending Rio+20 in June 2012.

by |January 20, 2012

Understanding the Mind as the Temperature Climbs

Warnings of potentially cataclysmic climate change have reached nearly every newspaper front page and legislative chamber around the globe since the 1990s. So why has the human response been so limited?

by |June 28, 2011

New report: Reducing climate risks with index insurance

We know climate has always presented a challenge to farmers, herders, fishermen and others whose livelihoods are closely linked to their environment–particularly in developing countries. A type of insurance called index insurance shows some promise as a climate-risk management tool, according to the latest Climate and Society publication from Columbia’s International Research Institute for Climate… read more

by |June 23, 2009