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Jeffrey Shaman: What Makes the Flu Spread?

The onset of flu season each year comes as no surprise. But what is surprising is that we don’t know exactly how the flu spreads. Jeffrey Shaman is working on that.

by |July 10, 2017

From the Atmosphere to Asthma: Exploring the Field of Environmental Health

The Undergraduate Program in Sustainable Development kicked off their Spring 2014 Speaker Series with Dr. Regina Santella, Center Director of the NIEHS Center for Environmental Health in Northern Manhattan, who spoke on the Center’s mission as well as her own research against deadly diseases.

by |January 31, 2014

Visualizing Malaria from Space

Public health professionals are increasingly concerned about the impact climate variability and change can have on infectious diseases such as malaria, dengue fever and bacterial meningitis. However, in order to study the relationships between climate and …

by |November 30, 2012

Climate and Public-Health Communities Train Together

For the third year in a row, public-health professionals and climate scientists from around the world are visiting Columbia University’s Lamont campus, where the International Research Institute for Climate and Society is based, to learn how to use climate information to make better decisions for health-care planning and disease prevention. They’re taking part in the… read more

by |May 27, 2010

Creating More Useful Forecasts

Seasonal forecasts can be effective tools for agricultural planners, water resources managers and other decision makers. For example, after torrential rains and floods wreaked havoc in the West African nation of Ghana in 2007, displacing some 400,000 people there, the regional office of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies started using… read more

by |April 22, 2010

Using Climate Information for Humanitarian Assistance

Using Climate and Weather Forecasts to Improve Humanitarian Decision Making

by |December 14, 2009

Climate and Meningitis in Africa

A new Google Earth tour explores the link between climate and meningitis outbreaks in Africa.

by |December 7, 2009

What does this El Niño mean for public health?

The IRI has just published a short bulletin to provide an update on this year’s El Niño and what it could mean for the health in different regions of the world. The document gives decision makers key recommendations on how to monitor communities at risk and take steps to reduce their vulnerability. Visit this page… read more

by |August 21, 2009

Top misconceptions about El Niño and La Niña

Forecasts by the International Research Institute for Climate and Society and other institutions show that a weak El Niño has developed in the equatorial Pacific, and is likely to continue evolving with warmer-than-normal conditions persisting there until early 2010. What exactly is this important climate phenomenon and why should society care about it? Who will… read more

by |August 7, 2009

Abrupt Climate Change in a Warming World

Early last month, I attended a meeting on Abrupt Climate Change in a Warming World. Climate Matters @ Columbia has discussed abrupt climate change before, referring to the hydrologic cycle, and with regards to melting sea ice or permafrost. Shifts in the earth climate are a known fact: crocodile-like reptiles lived in Greenland 55 million… read more

by |August 6, 2009