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New Yorkers Need to Invest in Their Parks

There is little question that parks are a resource worthy of investment and that the investment pays off.

by |April 15, 2019
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Planting a Park on the Cross-Bronx Expressway Would Save Money and Lives

Public health researchers run the numbers on creating a park on top of a section of the highway, finding it a worthwhile investment for community health.

by |February 1, 2018

A New Park Rises From an Old Garbage Dump: Parks as Critical Elements of Urban Infrastructure

New York’s Freshkills Park may be a tough sell for those of us who remember the huge landfill that used to be there. But anyone born in the 21st century will not associate that space with garbage, and over the next half century it will become of increasing importance to the development of Staten Island and New York City.

by |May 16, 2016

Come on Mr. Mayor, Leave the Central Park Carriage Horses Alone

The mayor seems almost desperate to complete this carriage deal and move on, but in the process is simply giving his enemies more ammunition to do battle with him. In the process, he has managed to antagonize park advocates, pedicab workers, and good government advocates.

by |February 1, 2016

A Sustainable City Would Continue to Keep Cars Out of Times Square

The trade-off between regulating public behavior and free speech can be difficult, but must be taken on if we are to have public space in sustainable cities. Since we need more of these public spaces rather than fewer spaces, the behavior in Times Square is a challenge of governance that must be taken on by our mayor, city council, courts and police commissioner.

by |August 24, 2015
photos of New York City Highline

A Trip Along the High Line

The Highline, a park built on an old rail line on the lower West Side of New York City, pays homage to the area’s industrial past while providing locals and tourists alike with a place for repose.

by |April 10, 2012